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-- Walt Rodenberger

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What is EFT?
In simplest terms, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that needles are not used.

Instead, the fingertips are used to stimulate certain meridian points while the client is "tuned in" to the problem or issue. This technique has its roots in the ancient Chinese Arts of healing. We are still learning why EFT and the variations of this technique work. The existing theory is that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system".

What are meridian points? In simple terms, meridians are the external pathways connected to the energy that circulate through the entire body. The meridian points are the beginning points and intersecting areas of these pathways.

Why should I be aware of these energy pathways?
The subtle energies that circulate throughout the body have been largely ignored (until recently) by western scientists. As a result, our use of them for emotional and spiritual healing has been sparse at best. With EFT, however, we consider the disruption in these subtle energies to be the front running cause of emotional upsets. As a result, we generate results that are FAR beyond those of conventional methods. 

What does EFT do?
EFT often provides relief for a very wide range of

physical symptoms. EFT is a Doorway to the new Healing High-Rise.  It is where a growing number of newcomers to this exciting field get their start. There are thousands of practitioners using EFT throughout the world.

Thousands of people have been relieved from phobias, traumatic memories, guilt, grief and physical ailments that have been elegantly relieved (often in minutes) by this procedure.  Even though EFT is uniquely different from most conventional treatments available to the public at large, the results are remarkable.  EFT works for about 80% of the people that have tried it and the results are sometimes spectacular. 

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In any enterprise, God is the silent Partner.

-- Small Miracles II

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